SAVEN was  established in 1987 to serve as a platform between Portuguese wine companies and the international markets. After 20 years of operation, SAVEN is focused on the distribution of selected wines of recognized quality, providing integrated marketing services (sales, promotion and logistics) for its partners, and offering pricing to accommodate the market needs. For such a demanding proposal SAVEN works in direct cooperation with professionals of oenology, viticulture and wine marketing.

With this collaboration, SAVEN is now at the forefront of promotion and sales of wines, representing producers from the varied and diverse wine regions of Portugal at a very competitive price/quality relation.  With this team of producers and winemakers, wines & winemakers BY SAVEN was born.  This group is strongly represented every year at the main international fairs and wine tastings, where the respective winemakers are always present to promote their own products.    

The philosophy of SAVEN is to allow the client to communicate directly with the producer to obtain quality guaranteed products, with the advantage of being supplied by just one company and avoiding the added costs usually involved.

SAVEN’s MISSION is to offer global service: on one hand, supporting the producer with the promotion and sale of his product and providing market feedback; on the other hand, assuming a partnership with the customer and seeking high quality products at a fair price.


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