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Diogo Lopes Diogo Lopes

A native of Lisbon, Diogo Lopes developed a passion for agriculture through the influence of his grandfather.
This passion brought him to “Instituto Superior de Agronomia” (Institute of Agronomy) in Lisbon, where he graduated in 2005. It was during his studies there that he discovered that his vocation was the art of making wine. He then began the search to work with a Portuguese winemaker who would be able to share his expertise and knowledge of this artwork - this search led him to Anselmo Mendes.
After his graduation, he spent a short time at Quinta de Lourosa but realized that he needed something more challenging. He then decided to polish his skills by spending one year in California working for Franciscan Estates – a Napa Valley winery. He describes this experience as “a life time opportunity”.
In 2005, Anselmo Mendes introduced him to the Barata Nunes brothers, owners of an Alentejo winery with 60 ha of vineyards. What began as “another post” soon became his career.  He is now the winemaker of Sociedade Agrícola Vale de Joana, where he is making wines of unparallel quality under the brand “GROU”.
There is no doubt that Diogo Lopes is a winemaker who will leave a mark in the Portuguese wine scene.

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