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Wines & Winemakers is a group composed of some of the most innovative producers and winemakers who are at the forefront of modern technology, while staying true to the unique flavors, characteristics and personalities of each region, including Vinho Verde and Alvarinho, Douro and Port, Dão, Bairrada, Tejo, Palmela and Alentejo.



Azul Portugal was conceived with the purpose of creating a single brand that includes the most important wine regions of Portugal, with quality being its flag. The brand image was carefully chosen in order to appeal to all age brackets with higher wine consumption habits.

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Every year, the Union of French Oenologists organises one of the most prestigious competitions in the wine world. More than 100 wine judges from all over the planet gather together in Paris, with the single goal of assessing the 3000+ wine samples submitted to the competition. 

Each wine is given a detailed set of tasting notes, and a score which will ultimately decide which medal (if any) it is awarded.

Please take a look below at the awards achieved on the 2017 edition here