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UDACA was born on May 21, 1966 for bringing about a major strategic vision of a set of pioneering men.
Was formed the Union of 9 existing wineries in Dão, representing about 8,500 wine growers and produces, roughly 56% of the total production of the wine area.

Associated wineries are scattered throughout the Demarcated Region, covering this wide geographic area. This way, UDACA sells wines from all associated wineries, bringing together all the particulars, features and brands of Dão Region.
The vineyards, in this noble Region, are located mainly in land of granitic origin, protected by several mountain formations that shelter from the South winds, North and Continental.

The temperate climate, rainy in winter and hot and dry in summer, allows complete and gentle maturation. The marriage of these natural conditions with the odd wealth of indigenous varieties transmits character and uniqueness to the wines of Dão.
Currently UDACA has specialized team in several areas (Oenology, Marketing, Finance, Commercial, Production), which allows the solidification of its strategic line strongly facing export. This signature is already present in many and various parts of the world, such as North America, South America, Canada, Europe, Angola, Malaysia, Russia, Japan, China and Hong Kong.

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