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Goodbye Ribatejo, Terras do Sado and Estremadura...Hello Tejo, Peninsula de Setubal and Lisboa!
Azul Portugal - Taste it!
A journey through the top wine regions of Portugal. AZUL PORTUGAL allows the traveller to explore the diverse wine regio...

International Wine Challenge London 2012
The world's largest wine competition ...
Nostalgia - Best of Vinho Verde 2012

Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide Oct/2012
"Portugal produces an impressive variety of wine styles. From the crisp, light-as-a-feather wines of Vinho Verde in th...
2012 Results... (December 2012)
IWC 2013

Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide Oct/2013
Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide December 2013
Reviews by Roger Voss ...
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