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Goodbye Ribatejo, Terras do Sado and Estremadura...Hello Tejo, Peninsula de Setubal and Lisboa!

Goodbye Ribatejo, Hello Tejo!

On June 17th, the CVRT (Regional Wine Commission of Tejo) launched a new appellation called "Tejo". According to José Gaspar Pinto, President of the CVRT (Regional Wine Commission of Tejo), the name change will lead to recognition by consumers as Tejo refers to the well known river of the same name in the region.

With the aim of improving wine sales in the region, the Ribatejo region is now known as the Tejo region.

Regional Terras do Sado changed to Regional Península de Setúbal

The Península de Setúbal, located south of Lisbon, is well known for its Muscat and wines. The Península de Setúbal is comprised of two Denominations of Origin (Palmela and Setúbal) and now also includes the designation Península de Setúbal regional wines (formerly Regional Terras do Sado).

The use of the new designation is to facilitate the identification of regions by the consumer.

Estremadura is now Lisbon!

Earlier this year, Portugal renamed the “Estremadura” wine region after its capital, officially naming it the Lisbon wine region, or the região de Lisboa.

By doing this, the CVR not only wants to increase the reputation and image of the wine, but also wants to discontinue the confusion linked with the Spanish region “Extremadura”.


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