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Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide Oct/2012

92 Points - Andreza Grande Reserva DOC Douro 2009

"New-wood dominates this wine, with a very toasty quality, a seemingly sweet vanilla flavor and a touch of pepper from the alcohol. The black fruits are still burried under the wood character, although the fruits’ weight suggests they will broaden out with time. Give this powerful effort at least four years."

91 Points - Lua Nova em Vinhas Velhas DOC Douro 2010

"Using grapes sourced from old vines, this is dark and concentrated. It’s dominated at the start by firm, dry tannins, with its power coming from its dark, brooding fruit and dense structure. Age for at least four years."

90 Points - Nostalgia Alvarinho DOC Vinho Verde 2011

"This is a rich, fullbodied and impressive wine, with intense and complex flavors of apple and green fruit. The acidity meshes with the ripe fruit."

89 Points - Lua Cheia em Vinhas Velhas DOC Douro 2011

"This old-vines white is impressive with a serious yet fruity character. It is herbaceous, but it also shows concentration, peach fruit and lively green acidity. Age this for the next year."

89 Points - Toucas Alvarinho DOC Vinho Verde 2011

"This is very aromatic, with lively acidity, a soft and creamy texture, and a rounded yellow-fruit flavor that’s balanced by a citrus note. It is elegant, rich and worth aging for another year."

88 Points - Andreza Códega do Larinho DOC Douro 2011

"Made from the Códega do Larinho grape (also called Síria), this is a refreshingly rich wine. It’s full in the mouth yet it retains its natural freshness, with a touch of pepper, tangy acidity and great depth of flavor. The finish bears notes of citrus, pear and green apple."

88 Points - Samora Regional Tejo 2010

"This is a dark wine, with an intense, dry structure and seemingly sweet fruit. It has a dense herb flavor, with notes of black plum, spice and bitter chocolate. Keep for a year."


87 Points - Companhia das Lezírias DOC Do Tejo 2008

"Big and spicy, this has notes of ripe black fruit and raisin, with a tarry edge and smooth tannins. It has an intense structure and a dry core, with a spice note and a touch of pepper from the alcohol."

86 Points - Samora Regional Tejo 2011

"Attractive and herbaceous, this has an apple flavor that’s laced with a citrus note. Fresh and crisp, it’s fruity, forward and can be consumed now."

84 Points - Azul Portugal Reg. Pen. de Setúbal 2011

"Ripe and fruity, this bears a red berry flavor and a dry structure. It has weight, richness and a smooth finish."

84 Points - Clémen Reserva DOC Vinho Verde 2011

"Crisp and herbaceous, this is a green-fruited wine that’s light on the palate, offering delightful refreshing acidity. This is very fruity and ready to drink."

84 Points - D ona Helena Reg. Península de Setúbal 2011

"Light and fragrant, this has pear and lemon flavors. It’s ripe, soft and ready to drink."

84 Points - Salsus DOC Vinho Verde 2011

"The light prickle adds to the natural freshness of this lemon-sherbet-flavored wine. Very crisp and light in the mouth, this dances on the palate with just a touch of sweetness."

84 Points - Samora Regional Tejo 2011

"This is a floral, aromatic and dry rosé, full of red currant fruit and refreshing acidity. It’s a great apéritif wine."

83 Points - Dona Helena Reg. Península de Setúbal 2011

"Soft, with strawberry flavors and only light acidity, this has a caramel burst that surfaces on the finish."



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